Laminated protruding pole rotor

In medium to large pole machines, the rotor generally has a polar wheel attached to the shaft and then the poles are detachable and fixed individually to the pole wheel through pins or bolts or through Gates B123 Hi-Power II Belts dowels usually of the “swallowtail” or “hammerhead”, locked by means of wedges and metal wedges. In this configuration the poles are made of rolled steel sheets, pressed and locked, forming the body of the pole and the shoe, they are in single piece and in their base the holes with threads for fixing by pins / bolts or the reliefs in the own body of the pole, in the forms of “swallowtail” or “hammerhead”, for locking and locking the polar wheel.

The field winding coils that are installed at the poles are composed of self insulated copper wires or insulated, interlocking flat copper bars / plates forming the turns. In this pole configuration the coils can be made separately from the poles and subsequently mounted thereon, or already made on them. This construction characteristic guarantees greater flexibility in the winding and maintenance process of this type of rotor.

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