Single Phase Motor

The single-phase electric motor is called single-phase induction and is the most widely applied motor. It is a welded chain machine capable of driving various types of machines and water pumps from a single-phase power grid. Generally, the motor is driven via switches, conveyor belting which can be either direct starting or reversing turning. The manual override switch allows the single-phase motor to rotate in two directions, clockwise and counterclockwise, providing movement of the machine or its components up or down, forward or left or right, adjusting the work needs .

This type of motor is composed of a stator with a main or working winding and an auxiliary starting winding, a squirrel cage type rotor with shaft and bearings that fit into the bearing of the covers. Its starting or starting system is made of centrifugal mechanism, switch and capacitor that act on the auxiliary winding. In some uses of single-phase motors, they run without load, and depending on the fabrication the capacitor, whose function is to increase starting torque, can be dispensed with. Like fans and grinders.

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